During WWII, US service men headed to Honolulu's infamous red-light district by the thousands. Their mission was to get "Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed" before being shipped off to battle!


During this 90 minute walking tour you'll see the oldest bar in Hawaii, the old "boogie houses" where ladies of negotiable affection practiced their trade, and Sailor Jerry's famous tattoo parlor where the pin-up girl was invented!


This is a tour of corrupt cops, sauced sailors and purchased pleasure! This tour is rated R for Rn't you glad you didn't bring the kids. 

The WWII Red Light Tour runs Thursday thru Monday at 9:30AM. We start in front of the Hawaii Theatre, located at 1130 Bethel St. The tour is 90 minutes, $50 a ticket with a $20 discount if you mention how you heard about us. Space is limited, so book your ticket today!

Or call (808) 670-7090

Check out our new Devil's Den Tour below!


In the 1800s Chinatown was known as The Devil's Den due to its obscene filth and vice. This tour features it's history of bubonic plague, rats, fire, quarantine, leprosy and human sacrifice!


The tour is available most nights at 7pm, starting at the corner of Nu'uanu Ave and Merchant St. It runs about 80 minutes and costs $25. Please call for reservations, (808) 670-7090.