A humorous walking tour that takes you through Chinatown's history as Honolulu's    red-light district. 


"This 90 minute tour is a wacky wildlife expedition; a chance to learn more about the businesses that flourished during the war: the tattoo parlors, bars and 'boogie houses'." -Civil Beat


Runs Thursday thru Monday at 9:30AM. Other times are possible so call if you can't make the regular time. We start in front of the Hawaii Theatre, located at 1130 Bethel St. The tour is 90 minutes, only $30. Space is limited, so book your ticket today!

Or call (808) 670-7090


In the 1800s Chinatown was known as The Devil's Den due to its obscene filth and vice. This tour features its history of bubonic plague, fire, leprosy and human sacrifice!


The tour is available most weekends at 7pm, starting at the corner of Nu'uanu Ave and Merchant St. It runs about 90 minutes and costs $25. Please call for reservations (808) 670-7090.

Teams solve clues and take photos for points. The clues are based on facts about Honolulu's most historic neighborhood so you can learn while you play.


This activity $20 a person, minimum 10 people. It is timed to last between 90 minutes and over. Special requests are encouraged!


For more information or to make a reservation please call (808)-670-7090.