About Us


In January of 2014 two adventurers found their way into Honolulu's most notorious neighborhood. Having heard rumors of its glory days as a red-light district during WWII, Clinton and Carter were delighted to find the area is still vibrant today. Together they hatched a plot to share Chinatown's secret history with whoever wanted to hear and they moved to Honolulu a couple months later. 


After months of research The WWII Red Light District Tour was born! It has recently been featured in Civil Beat as well as Huffington Post!



Carter Lee Churchfield is a multi-year-veteran tour guide with well over one thousand tours under her belt. She moved to Honolulu in 2014 to research and share the hidden history of Hawai`i and now has three tours and a scavenger hunt to offer. 


Saul moved to Hawai`i from England in 1993. Since then he has worked as an actor, business owner and teacher. He attended the University of Hawaii, where he obtained a BA in history. He is currently back at the University working on his MA in American Studies. He loves being a tour guide, he says, because "helping to uncover the hidden history of Hawaii involves a little detective work, a little performance and, above all, the chance to meet interesting and interested people from all around the world".