Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay you?

You can purchase tickets to the WWII Red Light District Tour through this website. To purchase tickets for the Devil's Den Tour please call to make a reservation then pay with cash or check before the tour. If you can only pay with debit or credit card please let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements. 

It's raining/snowing/spewing volcanic ash! Will my tour be cancelled?

No, the tour must go on!  But we are happy to reschedule your booking to another day if that's what you prefer. Just let us know.


Should I bring my kids/mother-in-law/pastor?

That depends. This is a tour of the booze, tattoos, and prostitution in WWII Hawaii, and F-Bombs do fly. If you think your kids'/mother-in-law's/pastor's tender sensibilities will be shocked, they might want to stay home. Tell them you're going golfing or something.

What should I wear?

We walk the better part of a mile, so you should wear comfortable shoes. It can also get warm, so light clothes are recommended.

Where does the tour start?

The WWII Red Light District Tour starts most Thursdays through Mondays at 9:30 AM in front of the Hawaii Theatre, 1130 Bethel St, on the corner of Bethel and Pauahi St. Just look for the big Hawaii sign.


The Devil's Den Tour starts in front of O'Toole's Irish pub, 902 Nuuanu Ave.


How do I get there?


Can I book a private tour?


I'm not a tourist. Would the tour still interest me?

This is your community so yes! We are continually doing research, so you are sure to learn something incredible and scandalous about your city that you never knew.

Does my tour guide accept tips?

With pleasure!

I'm running late! Can you wait for me?