Recommended Reading

These are some of the sources for the WWII Red Light District Tour:


The First Strange Place by Beth Bailey and David Farber

This book is a collection of scholarly papers. It has lots of excellent information, it can be a little dry though.


Repotting Can Be Such a Bitch by Jack Cione

You will have to buy this directly from Jack. His book is a tell all memoir of his time in Honolulu as a night club owner. He was the first person to create an all male, nude musical review in Hawai`i. This can be bought from Jack directly, give him a call at 808-949-5353, $20 and that includes postage.


Honolulu Harlot by Jean O'Hara

This sensational expose covers Jean's time as a Honolulu prostitute. Ask your library for it.


Second To The Last To Leave by Lauren Bruner

After decades of silence Mr. Bruner has finally shared his experiences in Chinatown during its red-light district years and what he experienced during the Pearl Harbor attacks. He was the second to the last to leave the USS Arizona as it sunk beneath the waves. You can buy a copy at Smith's Union Bar, 19 N. Hotel St. $50


Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry: The Life of Norman K. Collins

Larger than life personalities as they reminisce about the history of the tattoo culture in the US in this comedic documentary. Rated R for naughty language and content. Sometimes found on Netflix but here it is on YouTube: This is SUPER FUNNY. Stop what you are doing right now and watch it.


Dousing Honolulu's Red Lights by Richard Greer

This article focuses on military and police involvement in the operations of the red-light district. It is free online:


My Experiences In The Honolulu Chinatown Red-Light District by Ted Chernin

A firsthand account of WWII Chinatown including information on how racism influenced the brothels. This article includes a map and some photos. It is free online:


These are some of my sources for The Devil's Den Tour:


Plague and Fire by James C. Mohr

This is an exciting walk through the history of Chinatown and its struggle with disease and fire.


The Colony by John Tayman

Leprosy was much feared in Hawai`i. People who were diagnosed with it were sent to a colony on Molika'i. This book is interesting and has a lots of details about the population but includes just a little about Father Damien.


These are my sources for Stealing Hawai`i: The Rise and Fall of the Last Queen


Taking Hawai`i: How Thirteen Businessmen Overthrew the Queen of Hawai`i in 1893 with a Bluff

by Stephen Dando-Collins

This beat by beat account of how Hawai`i was turned from a kingdom into a territory of a foreign nation is an excellent, sometimes overly detailed book. It is the most comprehensive text on the subject of the overthrow that I have found and it doesn't pull any punches.


The Betrayal Of Lili`uokalani by Helena G. Allen

A vivid picture is painted of the world Lili`uokalani is born into. Her character, struggles and emotions are brought to life and you really feel like you are experiencing things from her point of view.


Hawai`i's Story By Hawai`i's Queen, Lili`uokalani

The queen herself wrote this memior to tell her tale in English as a last effort to restore her monarchy. She speaks for her people while demonstrating her perseverence and even her humor during her struggle.  


Dismembering Lahui: A History of the Hawaiian Nation to 1887 by Jonathon Osorio

This text tells the history of Hawai`i from the perspective of the Hawaiian people very effectively.